If you have downloaded Bacon – The Game before July 31 2023, you will get a gift when you finish all levels.

What about newer players?

The situation is tricky: Officially, the prize period has ended in July 2023. Nevertheless, the rumors for a gift for finishing the game unbendingly remain in communities like Threads, Reddit or Discord. The dilemma is that I as the developer don’t have any site where I can properly announce that the prize period is over – because the prize is in fact not promised anywhere any more.

What is the current situation?

Of course I don’t want to disappoint engaged players, so I kept on sending out rewards to those who wrote me a mail. Now I have 3,000 new ones in stock. Starting now with the release of version 2.20, you will find a code in the settings under the "More" tab when all levels are solved (Also, 20 new levels will be added with this update, so these have to be solved first). The code looks like "ABCDEFGH" and is in the headline (screenshot below). If you don’t see a code, you will see how many levels you have finished – Any code with numbers is not a valid code. The first 3,000 people that enter this code on will get the current gift order.

How many gifts are left?

1220 (May 17)

What happens after these 3,000 gifts?

I will think of a new gift for these players, but it will probably be something digital. However, it should be cool and unique. You will be updated via this page on time.

For past winners: Does beating the new levels get me a second gift code?

Sorry, if you have already redeemed a gift code, you don’t get a new gift code.

What is the gift?

I don’t want to spoil it, but there are two types of gifts. The new order is the same as the gifts I sent before that. On the internet, you sometimes see photos of both – The new order is the smaller one of the two, as most people liked this one best, and the big one breaks too easy on long journeys.

This page will be updated from time to time. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at